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Auto InsuranceAuto Insurance

Choosing auto insurance that fits your needs and the needs of your family is important, so get to know the basics. Here you'll find information about auto insurance and answers to some common questions. If after reviewing this material, you still have questions, contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.

What is auto insurance?

Auto insurance is meant to protect you if you cause injuries to others or damage their property in an auto accident. It can also provide protection if your car is damaged in an accident or is stolen. What protection you have is spelled out in your auto insurance policy.

An auto insurance policy is a contract between you and an insurance company. You, the customer, pay a certain amount ("premium") to the insurance company in exchange for a set of coverages you selected. Your policy sets forth what the insurance company will or will not cover.

What does auto insurance cover?

At a high level, auto insurance typically provides four basic things- liability coverages (for injuries to others and damage to their property), coverage for damage to your car or cars, coverage for medical expenses and uninsured motorist coverages (for situations where someone without enough insurance injures you or a family member). There are a variety of coverage options available; they may vary by state and company.

What are the common auto insurance coverages?

Below are some simplified descriptions of common auto insurance coverages. All coverages are subject to the limits, terms and conditions of the actual policy you purchase.

Bodily injury liability coverage generally pays damages for bodily injuries to the driver and passengers of the other vehicle when you are responsible for an accident. It also provides coverage to defend you if you are sued because of an auto accident.

Property damage liability coverage generally pays for damages to another person's property (e.g. their car) when you are responsible for an accident. It also provides coverage to defend you if you are sued because of an auto accident.

Medical payments coverage generally covers you, household relatives and your passengers for medical expenses that result from injuries sustained in an auto accident. It also covers you as a pedestrian if you are hit by a vehicle. Some states have personal injury protection (PIP) in place of, or in addition to, medical payments coverage. This is also known as no-fault coverage. PIP can generally pay for medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of income and other expenses for injuries or death due to bodily injury sustained as the result of a car accident.

Uninsured or under-insured motorist bodily injury coverage generally pays for damages for bodily injury to you and your passengers when caused by another in an auto accident and the person legally responsible either has inadequate or no insurance. This coverage varies greatly by state. In some states it may be a combined coverage, while other states may offer it as two separate coverages ( e.g. one for uninsured motorists and one for under-insured motorists).

Collision coverage generally pays for damage to your car if it hits another car, object, or overturns. A deductible applies to this coverage.

Comprehensive coverage generally pays for damage to your car if it is stolen or damaged by certain causes other than collision, such as fire, theft, hail or vandalism. A deductible applies to this coverage.

Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance provides financial protection in the event that your home or its contents are damaged. It also provides protection if you or a family member are held legally responsible (liable) for the injuries to others or damage to their property. It's also required by most mortgage lenders.

There are different types of insurance policies that cover your home. They range from a basic policy, to those that will provide a much broader range of protection.

What's covered; what's not

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover damage caused by such perils as fire, windstorms, hail, lightning, theft or vandalism. There are other homeowners policies that cover additional perils as well. Typically, floods and earthquakes are excluded. It's important to talk with our staff to learn what your policy may and may not cover. And for those perils that are not covered, there may be supplemental insurance available for purchase that adds the additional coverage to your policy.

What do most standard homeowners policies provide?

  • Dwelling coverage. Pays to repair or rebuild your home - including electrical wiring, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning - if damaged by a covered cause of loss. It's important to buy enough dwelling coverage to cover the cost to rebuild (replacement cost).
  • Other structures coverage. Pays for damages to detached structures like garages, sheds, fences and cottages on your property.
  • Personal property coverage. Reimburses you for the personal items in your home that may be damaged or destroyed by a covered cause of loss, which could include your furniture, clothes, sporting goods and electronics.
  • Loss of use coverage. Pays your additional housing and living expenses if you must move out of your home temporarily while it's being restored.
  • Liability insurance. Helps protect your assets and covers your defense costs in the event of a lawsuit because you or your family members are responsible for causing injuries or damage to other people or their property.
  • Additional home coverages. There are a number of additional coverages you can add to your homeowners policy to help you meet your insurance needs

Some of the more common add-on coverages include:

  • Special coverage for contents. Provides broader protection for your possessions; your personal property is covered in more situations than the basic policy.
  • Contents replacement cost coverage. Pays the replacement value on property damaged by a covered loss - with no deduction for depreciation - subject to your policy limits and deductibles. Special limits apply to certain items such as jewelry, watches and furs.
  • Additional replacement cost coverage. If the limit of insurance on your home is too low to cover a total loss, this coverage makes available an additional amount to help rebuild your home.
  • Valuable Items Plus. Provides higher limits and expanded protection for special classes of property such as jewelry, silverware, fine art, furs, cameras, musical instruments, and home computers.
  • Personal articles floater. Should you need even higher amounts of coverage than that offered by the Valuable Items Plus endorsement, this separate valuable items policy is also available.
  • Coverage for water back-up. Provides coverage up to a specific dollar amount if water backs up through your sewer or drain, or if water overflows or is discharged from your sump pump.
  • Identity Fraud coverage. Provides up to $25,000 to help cover costs to restore your identity if it's used fraudulently.
  • Green home coverage. Additional protection to an existing policy that will help repair, replace or rebuild with green materials, after a covered loss occurs.

Homeowners Liability insurance

Protect yourself with additional liability insurance

Liability insurance is about financial protection - for you and your family. The personal liability coverage within your homeowners policy provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage sustained by others for which you or your family members are legally responsible. For example, someone falls down your stairs, or your child accidentally throws a ball through a neighbor's window, breaking an expensive Chinese vase - you may be held responsible for the damages caused. Under personal liability coverage, the insurance company defends you if you are sued, and pays damages to the injured person up to the limit of liability.

Most homeowners policies provide a minimum of $100,000 in personal liability coverage, however, if you feel you need more protection, you can increase this amount up to $500,000 or more with a personal liability umbrella policy.

Liability coverage exclusions

A homeowners policy does not cover all situations for which you or a family member may be legally responsible for causing bodily injury or property damage.

There are many exclusions in the policy and many of them have exceptions. It's important that you read your policy to learn what is covered and not covered. You can also talk to your AD Caine representative to get a fuller understanding of what is covered or what is not.

Medical payments  

Liability insurance also includes "Medical Payments To Others" coverage. The homeowners policy provides for the payment of necessary medical expenses for guests who are accidentally injured on your property. This is regardless whether or not you are legally responsible. The minimum amount of coverage available is $1,000 per person. Higher amounts of coverage are also available.

Renters insurance coverage

While your landlord has property insurance coverage for the physical dwelling, as a Renter, you need insurance to cover your personal property, such as clothing, furniture or electronic equipment, in the event of loss from fire or theft or other perils.

Renter's insurance will also protect you if you are responsible for bodily injury or property damage to others, for example, if a visitor trips over a rug and breaks a leg.

Renters personal property coverage

While your landlord should have insurance coverage for the building in which you live, you need to be aware that that coverage does not extend to protect your personal possessions. Renters insurance provides protection for your furniture and personal possessions - at home or away from home - against damage from such hazards as fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, explosion, smoke, vandalism, and plumbing leakage. A renters policy also protects your property against practically every type of theft loss in your apartment or anywhere in the world.

This personal property coverage is also called contents coverage since it insures the contents of your apartment. You determine the value of your property and the renters premium is based on this amount. An AD Caine representative can help you if you have questions as to the amount of personal property coverage that's right for you.

Optional Renters coverages

Since each of us enjoys a unique lifestyle, you may require special coverages for your individual needs. The following coverages can be purchased separately:

  • Contents Replacement Cost: pays full cost to repair or replace most personal property in your apartment with no deduction for depreciation.
  • Valuable Items: provides higher limits and worldwide protection for special property such as jewelry, silverware, fine art, furs, cameras, firearms, musical instruments, and home computers for an extended variety of losses.
  • Improvements Coverage: Many renters spend considerable time and money on alterations or redecorating. Under a renters policy, you may apply up to 10% of your contents coverage to repair or replace these damaged improvements.
  • Fire legal Liability: protects you if you're held legally responsible for any fire damage to the building in which you live. And this coverage not only protects your apartment building, but also, any vacation property you rent.
  • Renters personal liability coverage: In the event that you are sued, your renter's personal liability protection helps to cover the associated legal costs and related damages. Most renters policies provide $100,000 (minimum) of financial protection against liability claims and lawsuits brought by others for accidental bodily injury or damage to their property:
    • while in your apartment
    • caused by your personal activities, including most sports
    • caused by your children or pets.

Choose your renters deductible

A deductible is the amount of loss you agree to assume before your insurance coverage takes over. The higher your deductible, the lower the cost of your policy premium. The deductible applies to property losses only. Liability protection does not require a deductible

Commercial InsuranceCommercial

The AD Caine Insurance Agency offers a wide variety of superior quality business and commercial insurance products and services that will work with any budget.

The options available to you are dependent on the level of risk. And risk is a common factor in everyday business. That's why our Insurers offer a wide range of business insurance options to help mitigate risk and protect your company. Our options include:

  • Property Insurance: Provides coverage for buildings, business personal property, and even loss of business income and extra expense.
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance: Covers damages and provides defense against lawsuits for many common types of business liabilities.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: We help you protect your most valuable asset - your employees- with workers compensation coverage, and risk control guidance, that can keep your business running smoothly.

Whether you have a small, mid-sized, large or even highly specialized business, our dedicated and experienced staff can match your unique coverage and compliance needs.

Small business insurance made simple

We know choosing the right insurance for your business is an important decision. That's why we've created one of the best portfolios of small business insurance coverages.

Whether you're a store owner, office professional or wholesaler, our flexible, streamlined small business insurance coverages are designed to protect you against the unique risks and exposures you face - so you can tend to your business and rest assured that it is protected in every imaginable way.

Business owner's policy for small businesses

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) is recommended for most small businesses, as it is often the most affordable way to obtain broad coverage. Combining both property and liability insurance, a BOP will cover your business in the event of such things as property damage, suspended operations, or lawsuits resulting from bodily injury or property damage to others.

Automobile insurance for small businesses

Our Small Commercial Business Auto Coverage offers an affordable way for you to obtain liability and physical damage insurance for vehicles you use in your business. You'll receive the coverages you need and the services you deserve at a price you can afford.

Coverage features for small commercial automobile insurance include:

Liability coverage

Provides protection against liability for bodily injury and property damage to others caused by the maintenance or use, including loading and unloading, of your company-owned autos.

Uninsured motorists coverage

Provides protection, as required by applicable state law, to the insured for damages sustained by the insured that result from an accident caused by an " uninsured" motorist. Underinsured motorists coverage Provides protection, as required by applicable state law, to the insured for damages sustained by the insured that result from an accident caused by a driver whose automobile liability insurance limits are inadequate.

Physical damage coverage

Protects your owned autos against accidental loss or damage, including:

  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Specified causes of loss coverage - for example, theft, vandalism, hail, windstorm, flood, fire, explosion

Umbrella insurance for small businessesCasualty

Without adequate insurance, one large claim can destroy your business.

The fact is, many business owners aren't adequately protected against a catastrophic claim. One accident with a business vehicle or a slip on company property can result in expensive litigation.

In many cases, your liability policy may not cover the entire loss. If this happens, your business could face a multi-million dollar expense. With an Umbrella Liability Policy from our Insurers, you can protect your business in the event of a catastrophic claim.

With an Umbrella Liability Policy in place, there are fewer worries about depleting valuable business assets or future income to cover catastrophic liability claims. An Umbrella Liability Policy supplements your existing policy's general liability, auto liability and employers liability limits.

Cyber Security For Small Businesses

All businesses, including small businesses, have a responsibility to protect themselves and their clients/suppliers from data breaches. Small Business insurance offers coverage for a variety of cyber security breach claims and lawsuits. Some of the most common ways an information security breach can occur within a small business include:

  • Online hacking and theft of confidential information such as credit cards or social security numbers, medical or healthcare information, etc.
  • Accidental loss or sharing of personal information
  • The loss or theft of paper records from an office location

Our Insurers offers coverage for necessary expenses including breach notification, credit card monitoring services, costs to retain a public relations consultant, and more. Call ADCaine today for details or a free quote.

Workers compensation insurance for small businesses

Workers Compensation Coverage is an available coverage that is available to be added to a variety of policy types to round out your insurance protection. Workers compensation insurance provides benefits to employees for work-related injuries. Coverage includes medical care and a portion of lost wages when the employee is unable to work. This insurance also provides benefits for the employee's dependents if the employee dies during work-related duty.

One of your employees gets injured while on the job. It could be as simple as a sprain, or a lifethreatening event. Either way, lost time and expenses can impact your operations and your bottom line. Our Insurers can help you protect your most valuable asset -your people -with workers compensation coverage, and risk control guidance, that can keep your business running smoothly. Our Insurers have the expertise to help you design a program that fits your business.

In most states, inclusive of New York, labor laws require businesses who have employees to maintain Workers Compensation Coverage.

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